Human Fighter with a sharp eye


My parents lived in the prosperous village of Thundertree, east of the city of Neverwinter and at the edge of the Neverwinter Wood. But when nearby Mount Hotenow erupted thirty years ago, my parents fled, carrying me in my infancy. My family drifted from village to village around the region, finding work as servants or laborers where they could.
I’ve spent the last few years in Neverwinter as a porter and laborer at the city’s bustling docks.

The ruins of Thundertree call to me. My family and their friends once lived in prosperity there, and now they’re reduced to menial labor. The ruins are haunted by ash zombies, and rumor has it a dragon has made its lair in the Old Tower, but those are problems a hero can solve. One day i will slay the dragon, or drive it off, and I’ll prove I’m a real hero, destined for greatness.


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